Alexandra Mikowski serves as Executive Director for Access To Independence. Alex oversees all operations and program staff to ensure high quality services. Alex works with community partners to help deliver resources and advocacy to people with disabilities, their families and caregivers. Alex strives to develop meaningful relationships with local nonprofits, businesses, donors and foundations, and community members to explore innovative and collectively promote independence and inclusion. The future is accessible because we are better together!

Sherry Lewis serves as Finance Manager for Access To Independence. In this role, Sherry oversees all aspects of the Agency’s budgeting and bookkeeping needs and provides assistance in the areas of human resources and grant writing. Sherry brings many years of experience and expertise in business management that continue to help Access To Independence grow and work towards its mission.

Tina Carden serves as Director of Community Impact for Access To Independence. Tina oversees all aspects of the Agency's outreach, fundraising, & marketing efforts and assists with data tracking & reporting. Tina also provides public education and outreach services to people with disabilities and their families, community organizations, businesses, and government entities.

Michael Eastman serves as Independent Living Coordinator for Access to Independence. Michael provides peer counseling to ATI's consumers one-on-one and in class settings. Michael is soon to be a Certified Benefits Counselor and provides advanced operations support for the management of consumer data.

Rick Hinkle serves as Administrative Assistant for Access To Independence. Rick provides advanced administrative and program support for the Agency’s various programs. Rick provides primary oversight of reception protocols and coordinates the Agency’s consumer computer lab, community room, and video & book resource loan closet. Rick also provides primary support for the Agency's newsletter production process and fundraising efforts.

Ally McCabe serves as Project Director for the CANDLE Coalition. The Cortland County Coalition on Cannabis & Alcohol - Neighbors with Disability & Lived Experience (CANDLE) is the product of a five-year grant via the Research Foundation for Mental Health and NYS OASAS. CANDLE is a peer-led initiative dedicated to addressing and reducing isses of substance misuse within Cortland's disability community and aims to center those with lived experience with disability and/or substance use disorders.

Terri Rigge serves as Transition Specialist for Access To Independence. Terri works with service providers, as well as social workers in nursing homes, to coordinate the access and delivery of supports and services to individuals interested in home and community-based services rather than institution-based services. Terri identifies and helps to eradicate barriers to community integration. Terri also provides essential support to the Agency's Olmstead Housing Subsidy (OHS) program.

Erin Vallely serves as Advocacy Specialist for Access To Independence. Erin helps consumers develop self-advocacy skills and supports students and guardians as they navigate the education system. Erin also assists community partners with finding accessible and inclusive solutions to everyday problems faced by Cortland County residents. Additionally, Erin oversees ATI's participation in the Statewide Systems Advocacy Network (SSAN) and organizes educational workshops on advocacy and policy related topics that are open to the community.

Amy Morris serves as NY Connects Coordinator for Access To Independence. Amy works with people with disabilities, their families and caregivers to provide unbiased information and connections to providers of long-term supports and services, both by phone and in person. She conducts education and awareness presentations to community partners, groups, and individuals about NY Connects and local long term supports and services. Amy also coordinates the Agency's collaboration with the Cortland County Area Agency on Aging (AAA) on its NY Connects initiative.

Kathi Cooper serves as Medicaid Service Coordinator for Access To Independence. In the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Medicaid waiver program, Service Coordinators assist individuals with developing a service plan designed to support them to reach their personal goals for living and receiving care and for achieving maximum independence in their home and community. The New York State Department of Health oversees the TBI waiver program.

Jessica Hazel serves as Peer Advocate for Access To Independence. Jess uses lived experience to support and provide resources to nursing home residents who are interested in transitioning to community-based living. Jess also assists with referrals to ATI's Transition Program.